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Dr Leigh Plowman

Do you feel like you’ve tried everything for dry eyes?
Dry Eyes Geelong was founded by Dr Leigh Plowman. Dr Plowman is a full time Optometrist with a passion for dry eyes. He has dry eyes and knows what it feels like. Dr Plowman contributed to Optometry Australia’s inaugural Dry Eye Guide. This guide was sent out to thousands of Optometrists to help them to feel up to date on dry eyes.
Dr Plowman writes regularly for industry publications and speaks around Australia.

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When you’re keen to find lasting relief for your eyes, here are some of our services

Virtual Consultation

Book a sixty minute consultation and get a summary of your dry eye causes and treatment recommendations.

Recommended Dry Eye Products

Try our most popular dry eye products based on feedback from hundreds of people with dry eyes.

In Person Treatments

Make an appointment to see Dr Leigh Plowman in person for treatments.

Common Questions about dry eyes?

What are the common symptoms of dry eyes?

The most common symptoms of dry eyes include tired eyes, itchy eyes, watery eyes or difficulty focussing at times for reading or computer.

How can I manage my dry eyes at home?

You can manage dry eyes at home by using artificial tears, taking breaks from screen time, using a humidifier, and staying hydrated. Check out our recommended dry eye products here

What causes dry eyes?
Dry eyes is often caused by many individual factors. Aging, environmental conditions, certain medications, and underlying health conditions can contribute. Screen time is an increasing cause of dry eyes.

Can virtual appointments help with dry eye treatment?

Yes, virtual appointments can be effective for assessing dry eye symptoms, discussing treatment options, and monitoring progress remotely.

How often should I have a follow-up appointment for my dry eyes?

The frequency of follow-up appointments for dry eyes varies based on your individual needs and treatment plans. We will recommend the appropriate schedule for you.

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